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About UNIT 17

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We’re UNIT 17, a group of dedicated players who have fun together, hardcore pvp with a bit of roleplay, Online Gaming at it's best, member of Star Citizen Italia

Join us online in Star Citizen PU and PTU

Reports directly to HAVOC Army Management Council

Only accessible to original Havoc Army Founders or Active Subscribers




Question: What is Unit 17?

Unit 17 is a hardcore PVP section of Havoc Army

What does Unit 17 do?

We collect hate mails and carebear tears
Activity also known as: PVP

How is your work different from other organisations?

Havoc Army has a Democratic Structure that allows all players to have space and most importantly fun, Unit 17 caters to those pure PVP players who enjoy proper battle comms, fleet doctrine and fps squad tactics

Is Unit 17 a Subscription based outfit?

Not at the moment, once Persistence goes live original Havoc Army founders and distinguished players will be granted Lifetime Membership, we might charge a small subscription fee to pay for basic services and organising events - TBA

How do i join Unit 17?

Unit 17 is open for members of Havoc Army only, get in touch on our discord and register now! https://discord.gg/CCRHSQ

Do i need to be in Uniform?

YES, but only for Official Events or for Official recordings / photoshoots, respecting Havoc Army's colours, Unit 17 wears all black for the exception of the arms, red

What time requirements do you expect from a member of Unit 17?


Will i be expected to fly certain ships with specific fits as a requirement?

YES, again as the game is not launched yet, only during events, and these will be provided for but we do care about Fleet/Fit Doctrine as that gives us competitive advantage

What Languages do you speak?

Primarily Italian and English

What is your Command Structure?

Very simple, externally as part of Havoc Army we follow their Diplomatic Standings, internally we simply have Fleet members and Fleet Commanders (FCs), the FCs select a Fleet Set Up and we roll, Battle Comms (Discord for now) is a must, we fool around a lot during "normal times"... when Fleet is up, Chain of Command takes over as follows:

Managment -> FCs -> Fleet

Because Unit17's role is also OSINT/SIGINT/HUMINT related, the Fleet Commanders' role is also advisory to the group's management